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"Find what's good in life. Enjoy it, embrace it and proceed." 

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Photographer: Nick Onken
Styled by: Morgan Gibbons
Make-up: Hiroko Takada
Hair: Kiyo Igarashi

Cillian Murphy in “Peaky Blinders”

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Backstage at the Pierre Balmain couture show, 1954. Photos by Mark Shaw

Art Deco style floor fan

Art Deco style floor fan

Take note, ladies.


wyoming’s grand teton mountains, photographed by glen hush

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The $20 Mid-Century Time Capsule Apartment of a 20-Year-Old

This is a project of mine that I started about nine months ago when I turned 20 and moved to North Phoenix in the Medlock District.
I set off to garage sales and thrift stores with only a base of twenty dollars in my pocket. I began buying and selling until I had accumulated an entire home’s worth of mid-century furniture and decor. That budget included paint, wood-panel walls, and other repairs.

It was a ridiculous amount of hard work, but boy did it pay off.

Before you accuse me of having too much free time on my hands, keep in mind that I am also a full-time student and working as an in-house designer at a print shop. I’m just violently persistent in my hobbies.

Want to live here?
As it happens, I’m actually looking for a roommate.
I pay a monthly accumulative of about $1,500.
(That’s not very easy when you’re a solo 20-year-old college student)
But I’m only charging a flat rate of $400 monthly.
And if you don’t think that’s the best deal in America, then get out.

Message me for details

I absolutely love the effort this student put into their apartment. I, myself, have a mid-century style going on and used to live in the phoenix area. I would have been proud to be a roommate. If only.